Is Google’s Consent Mode v2 mandatory for Switzerland?

!! Important !! Update from April 30, 2024: According to the current announcement from Google, the same regulations as in the EEA and UK will apply in Switzerland from July 31, 2024. For this reason, it is now required that all Swiss websites and online shops implement Consent Mode v2. We recommend the following procedure […]

Swiss Shopware experts save from expensive Google Ads errors

Nikimo and RECI IT Solutions work together to combat Google Ads errors Our customer Nicole Bürkli from was victim of a bad Google Ads agency< /strong> who made fatal mistakes in her account. When we analyzed the Google Ads account, we were able to quickly uncover the issues and support Nikimo to resolve these […]

E-Commerce Trends 2024

E-Commerce Trends 2024 Online trading has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Especially after the events of the last few years, the importance of online shopping has increased even more. Due to current developments in artificial intelligence and inflation, an exciting time awaits us in the e-commerce sector in 2024. In this blog […]

Information about the new data protection law in Switzerland

Information about the new data protection law in Switzerland The new data protection law (nDSG) definitely comes into effect from 01. September 2023 in force. Everything you should know for your website or online shop. You should adapt your data protection declarations and existing data protection guidelines in a timely manner, because there is no […]

Change management when introducing a new ERP system

Practical tips for successfully introducing changes If it is announced that something is changing, employee emotions such as fear, doubt and rejection are normal and important to enable change. Above all, the affected employees want to know what to expect and what they should change. Brief information about this is usually not enough. Because said […]

We are Pickware Partner

Pickware Partner from the beautiful Zug In order to be able to provide our customers with the best possible support in the field of merchandise management suitable for shopware, we are now also a Pickware partner. Pickware is a merchandise management system developed especially for shopware. It enables you to manage several warehouses and to […]

Switch to QR Invoice for Shopware Stores

The switch to QR invoice and the obstacles Since June 30, 2020, it is possible to replace the existing ESR (payment slip with reference number) with QR invoices. When is the right time for this change and what hurdles does the changeover to QR invoice entail? Such questions currently occupy many operators of online stores. […]

Purchase with invoice in online stores – Why it’s worth it

Purchase with invoice still most popular in online shopping Anyone making a purchase on the Internet has a choice of five different payment methods on average at the end of the ordering process. Even though Visa and Co. are popular payment methods and are frequently offered, no variant has yet been able to topple the […]

DSGVO – basic data protection regulation

On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. This applies not only within the EU member states, but also to all companies that carry out data processing within the EU or address EU citizens with a service. Almost all Swiss companies that operate a website, an […]

We are Shopware Partner!

Shopware Partner from the beautiful Zug Online trade is booming. But for your online shop to stand out from the competition and generate sales, it needs an optimal shop system. There are various solutions on the market. But Shopware has proven itself for us and our customers. With its innumerable advantages and optimal solutions for […]

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