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NEU: QR Invoice for Shopware 5 CH

Just in time for the official date for the introduction of QR invoices, our ESR plugin for Shopware systems also masters the generation of QR invoices. The plugin meets all requirements according to ISO 20022 to read payment notifications securely and reliably..

The QR Invoice for Shopware is integrated in our ESR Plugin since June 30, 2020.ย ย 

Less manual work – more automation: The control of incoming payments and payment status management in Shopware is managed via the import of payment files.

Complete automation is possible, from invoicing and individual reminder runs to automatic forwarding of any collection cases to a collection agency. This is a simple and straightforward way for Shopware store operators to keep track of orders and optimize the payment control process. Also for store operators who do not offer a payment option “on account” because of the high expenses, the QR Invoice / ESR Plugin for Shopware simplifies this hurdle.ย 

Your Advantages at a glance

Create QR invoice, ESR / BESR

Individually, as bulk processing or automatically, the store operator can generate QR invoices or EZS with reference numbers.

Fixed Costs

Independent of number of orders, turnover etc. - Plannable costs, no additional fees.

Import of V11 / XML Files

V11 as well as XML (camt.054) files can be imported. All payments contained in the file are displayed for control.


X-thousands of payments can be managed quickly. The generation of large numbers of documents is fast and resource-efficient.

Proven since 2014

Many years of experience make ESR / QR Invoice plugin what it is today - an efficient and popular plugin for CH Swiss Shopware store owners.

New Administration Interface - more functions

As part of the QR Invoice, we have completely redesigned the administration interface. A fast and extensive search function that lets the user search across all criteria simplifies the administration of payments. Filter properties provide an even better overview and increase the efficiency of operation.

Whether automatic or manual postings, the administration interface of the ESR / QR Invoice plugin allows this quickly and easily. Each change is historized, so traceability is guaranteed at all times.ย 

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QR invoice now also available for Shopware 6

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