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Automatic Credit Check on Shopware 6

Already for our Shopware 5 customers we were allowed to extend the Intrum plugin. Now the plugin is released for all Shopware 6 customers. Set up the risk management according to your wishes!

The plugin is available for free in the Shopware Store. 

More control – less risk. Configure in the new Intrum plugin for Shopware 6 which customers are allowed to order from you on invoice. You decide which limits apply, when a check should take place at Intrum and how high the other open items of a customer may be. 

Your advantages at a glance

Automatic credit check

The configured payment methods, such as invoice, are only displayed after a positive credit check has taken place.

Less risk

Reduce the risk of non-payment and offer invoice payment only to customers with a positive credit rating.

Individually configurable

From which shopping cart value should an audit take place? How much is the maximum credit limit you want to grant? Set up the plugin according to your wishes.

Performant & discreet

The check is quick and the customer does not notice that he cannot order on account due to a negative credit rating.

Proven since Shopware 5

Already on Shopware 5 a proven plugin.

Simple configuration

Set up the plugin according to your needs. You decide:

  • Which statuses should be taken into account for the credit limits
  • The credit limit of all orders including the current shopping cart value
  • The minimum order value for a check 

Logs show the scores

Each time a check has taken place, a log entry is created. With the log enabled, you can therefore check at any time why a customer was denied or approved for purchase on account.

You want to set the limit manually for certain customers or put them on blacklists or whitelists? No problem. You can override the credit check by making the appropriate settings in the customer account. 

All functions in one overview

FAQ & Instructions


Get information about the configuration and use of the Intrum plugin for Shopware 6 here:
Log in to your Shopware Account and enter your request under Shops > Support.

No. You can define from which shopping cart value a check should take place.

The check takes place at the time of the order and is based on Intrum’s scores. Check the log to see what score this customer has received. If you have any questions about the scores, please contact Intrum directly. 

In Shopware 6, under Extensions > My Extensions, you will see a blue notice next to the plugin labeled “Update”. Click on this button. Afterwards, the store cache must be cleared if necessary. 

The prices per query will be communicated to you directly by Intrum.

The Intrum plugin is free of charge.

Once you have signed a contract with Intrum, you will receive your personal API Key.

You can get the plugin for free from the official Shopware Store

Releases & Updates

  • Compatibility with Shopware 6.5
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Bugfix: Load SaleschannelId correctly in the frontend
  • Matching profile can now be set.
  • API timeout can be set via plugin configuration.
  • If the API interface runs into the timeout, the checkout still remains accessible as normal.
  • The excluded payment (e.g. invoice) methods are hidden by default for all customers in case of a timeout.
  • Creation of a BETA version. Extensive testing, verification of functionalities by Intrum. First productive tests with real data.

Current version

Current version:  2.0.4

Published on: 30.06.2023

Available for Shopware version 6.4 or higher 


Download updates directly in Shopware. 

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