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Contemporary Webdesign

The image and success of your company depend on your appearance on the Internet. User-friendliness, speed (PageSpeed) as well as search engine optimized are just a few factors that distinguish our websites.

There is no second chance for the first impression.

Your website serves as a business card, a portfolio, a showcase, a retail store or a point of sale. Only here, different rules apply. You can’t always choose who you give a “business card” to, who visits your “storefront” or who wants to know what services your company performs. We make sure that your website has an inspiring design, is intuitive and is also available as a mobile website (Responsive Design) for your visitors. It is very important to us to provide you with a contemporary web presence that is also found, visually appealing and provides visitors with the information they need. 

CMS – Content Management System 

We rely on proven content management systems: WordPress and Typo3. These allow our customers to independently manage the content of your website even without programming skills. Depending on the project, we recommend the appropriate solution to customers and take care of the development, maintenance and training for the respective system. Of course, we are also available to answer questions after the project has been completed.

Usability (Responsive Design)

The usability of the website depends heavily on the concept and design. Thanks to years of experience, our work has allowed us to pursue regional, national as well as international UX (user experience). So today we can provide our clients with concepts that are tailored to the target audience. For an optimal usability of the website on all devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone – we put a lot of emphasis on intuitive user guidance as well as responsive design. 


Do you need an Internet presence that can be created efficiently and cost-effectively? With a market share of about 60% worldwide, WordPress is the undisputed market leader among content management systems (CMS for short). 


The enterprise content management system for business solutions. Complex, multilingual web presences can be developed professionally with Typo3. Here you can find more information about the advantages of Typo3 CMS. 

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