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Your online store should stand out from your competitors and generate sales. To achieve this, we create a store world for you with clear and simple user guidance, high conversion rates and appealing design. We offer technical expertise, years of sales experience and an understanding of customer needs. This is how we ensure high turnover and sustained sales success. To deliver on these promises, we rely on a multiple award-winning solution: Shopware.

Whether it’s a department store, small corner store or B2B – we design and create your store tailored to your business model.ย 

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This is why Shopware is the right solution for your Online Shop


Shopware is one of the most powerful, stable and comprehensive systems for online stores in the German-speaking world and is used by well-known, globally established companies.

Open Source

The open source Community Edition is under official open source license (AGPL). Through collaborative development, Shopware meets the highest standards.

Easy to use

The logically structured interface in the admin area is easy to learn and simple to use even for inexperienced users.

Modular structure

Thanks to thousands of extensions, there is a solution for every idea. The possibility to use individual developments complete the profile.


Shopware uses the most modern and innovative technologies, which means that you are prepared today for the requirements of tomorrow.

Payment transactions

Not only our specially developed QR/ESR plugin - but numerous other plugins enable the integration of all common payment methods.

Responsive Design

The store platform comes with responsive design out of the box and thus covers smartphones and tablets right from the start at no extra cost.

Search engines optimized

To ensure a good online marketing strategy, the focus during development was on search engine optimized software.

Companies that rely on Shopware

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