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Efficiency & Potential - WordPress

With a market share of about 60% worldwide, WordPress is the undisputed market leader among content management systems (CMS for short). Currently, about 66 million websites worldwide use this popular CMS .

Originally it was developed as a pure blogging solution. However, these times are long gone. Well-known websites such as Vogue, Time Magazine, Reuters or t3n now rely on WordPress. This is because it has developed rapidly and is now much more than just a CMS. Thus, there are currently more than 30,000 plugins that provide special functions and expand the possibilities of the platform.

WordPress is an open source project. This is an important factor, because there are no license costs when using it. 

Responsive websites with WordPress

Unfortunately, too many websites are still mainly optimized for PC display. However, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets have some special features that must be taken into account when designing websites.

A small screen, interaction via touchscreen and the mobile context of use – websites must adapt to the respective devices and, above all, the users of these devices. 

People are mobile

New standards are constantly being set on the Internet. Not only the PC or the smartphone, but also many other devices are used today to surf the Internet. The requirements for the presentation of websites are increasing.

We constantly take into account these current developments and therefore create flexible websites that can be accessed on all devices and look good. The design of our websites adapts to the screen size of the end devices at each call (responsive design). This enables easy operation by the user. 

WordPress Advantages

at a glance

Easy to use

Easy to learn system, content can be customized or created as in "Word".

Search Engine Friendly

Websites created with WordPress provide a good basis for successful search engine optimization.


Visitors love fast websites, search engines do too. With WordPress we create them.


Plugins can be used to extend the functionality of the websites as desired.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source project. This is an important factor, because there are no licensing costs when using it.


WordPress is one of the most secure CMS. We make your installation even more secure with additional measures.

Reliable and Stable

A solid foundation based on PHP & MySQL, which has proven itself over the years.


With plugins, WordPress is extremely extensible and has a clean structure for custom plugin development.


The most successful publishing system in the world with a large and very active community.

We create THE WordPress website for you.

With custom responsive design so your website looks great on smartphones, tablets as well as on a computer desktop. Contact us.

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