This is our TEAM

We are a team of five creative people. Together we pursue the same goal, the satisfaction of our customers and working with passion according to our mission statement. The mutual complementation and smooth communication make us an unbeatable team.

Jeton Reci

Managing Director
dipl. technician HF computer science
Field of study Business Information Technology

I seek to increase the efficiency and exploit the potential in every task and get the maximum out of it. Close customer contact enables me to understand the customer’s goals.

Admir Hrustic

Web Development
Dipl. technician HF computer science
Field of application development

The successes of our customers are also my successes. It fills me with pride and joy when I can contribute to them with my commitment.

Senad Xhemo

Web development
Bachelor of Computer Science

The price of success is dedication, hard work and unrelenting commitment to what you want to achieve. This quote from Frank Lloyd Wright is also my motto.

Selda Sabedini

Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Eidg. dipl. marketing specialist

Digital marketing and analytics are my passion. Data-based decisions that help the customer to succeed motivate me anew every time.

Laura Reci

Project Management / Administration
Bachelor’s degree in psychology

With ambition and diligence you can achieve any goal – of course, the joy of work should not be missing.