Our Team

This is our TEAM

We are a team of six consisting of creative doers. Together we pursue the same goal, the satisfaction of our customers and working with passion according to our mission statement. Complementing each other and smooth communication make us an unbeatable team.

Jeton Reci
Jeton Reci

CEO / Owner
dipl. technician HF computer science
Specialization Business Informatics 

I look for increasing efficiency and realizing the potential in every task and get the maximum out of it. Close customer contact allows me to understand what the customer’s goals are.


Admir Hrustic
Admir Hrustic

Senior Web Developer
Dipl. Technician HF Computer Science
Specialization application development 

The successes of our customers are also my successes. It fills me with pride and joy when I can contribute to this with my efforts.


Senad Xhemo
Senad Xhemo

Web Developer
Bachelor Computer Science 

The price of success is dedication, hard work and unrelenting commitment to what you want to achieve. This quote from Frank Lloyd Wright is also my motto.


Selda Sabedini
Selda Sabedini

Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Swiss certified marketing specialist 

Digital marketing and analytics are my passion. Making data-driven decisions that help clients succeed always motivates me.


Laura Reci
Laura Reci

Digital Marketing Manager / Administration
Bachelor Psychology 

With ambition and diligence you reach every goal – Of course, the joy of work must not be missing.


Leotrim Vrangala
Digital Marketing Manager
Bachelor Business Administration

I feel at home in the digital world of marketing. So it’s even nicer when I can support our customers in this area and contribute to their success.


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