ESR Plugin for Shopware

With our ESR Plugin for Shopware we simplify the creation of payment slips with reference numbers (ESR and BESR) and the control of incoming payments

Do you have a shopware shop in use? Then you know what we are talking about.

With our ESR plugin for Shopware, we enable you to generate payment forms with reference numbers (ESR and BESR) and to compare payments with orders. The status management on the shopware page is automated with the import of the files.

In this way, operators of online shops can keep track of their orders easily and without complications, and optimise the process of payment control. The ESR plugin for shopware also simplifies this hurdle for shop operators who do not offer a payment option “on account” due to the high costs involved.

Your Vorteile advantages at a glance

Creating ESR / BESR

The shop operator can generate payment forms with reference numbers individually, in bulk or automatically.

Import of V11 / XML files

V11 and XML (camt.054) files can be imported. All payments contained in the file are displayed for checking purposes.

Save payments

The last step is to save the deposits. The status of the orders is automatically adjusted and the change is documented

Administration interface

An extensive search function that lets the user search across all criteria simplifies the administration of payments. Filter properties provide an even better overview and increase the efficiency of operation.

Whether automatic or manual bookings, the administration interface of the ESR plug-in makes this possible quickly and easily. Every change is historically recorded, so traceability is ensured at all times.

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Harmonisation ZV - ISO 20022

Since August 2016, the ESR Plugin has been compliant with the new ISO 20022 standard – so you are ready for the future.

With the harmonization of payment traffic, payment processes in the Swiss financial center are being standardized. This also affects our plugin. We are pleased about this harmonization and prepared ourselves early on.

If you use invoices with an orange inpayment slip or with an inpayment slip with a reference number, v11 files enable simplified payment reconciliation using the ESR plugin for Shopware. These files will be replaced and standardized by the end of 2017. Instead of the previous v11 files, the payment information will in future be contained in an XML file.

In the following video of Postfinance this process is briefly explained.

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