Information on the range of functions

The comprehensive plugin that covers many processes in the Swiss payment traffic. The generation of payment slips with reference number, dunning process, automatic reconciliation of payments – these are just some of the functions offered by the ESR plug-in

If the ESR plugin is installed on shopware, the shop operator can flexibly adjust the settings in the configuration according to his needs. Whether it’s a PostFinance or bank account, the amount to be printed or a calibration for the printer, all of this is child’s play to set up. A selection for the document templates used and for the payment status can be chosen individually. During installation, a cron job is created, which generates ESR documents after activation and attaches them to the respective orders.

The ESR Plugin has many other functions that make your work easier. You can easily try out the range of functions by testing it on your own system. Order a test version now using the following form.

Releases & Updates

Version offers new: Creation of QR Invoice

Our ESR plugin can now generate QR invoices. These can be generated manually or via batch processing in exactly the same way as the classic ESR invoices. The payment matching is also analogous. Since the same reference number is used, parallel operation is possible (ESR + QR).

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Several small bugfixes and optimizations.

Extension and correction of the error message display when exporting the imported files.

In version 1.5.0 various optimizations have been developed. Performance and handling have been improved. In addition, an extension for the adjustment of the status after generation of the documents was implemented. The positioning of the Pickware barcode for the return notes has been improved and can be positioned as desired, in any size. The configuration is done in the ISR Plugin configuration and can be set up for all available documents.

In version 1.4.4.x an extension was integrated which allows to include Pickware barcodes in every document. The ESR plugin now allows the integration of the Pickware barcode in every document. The configuration is done in the ESR Plugin configuration and can be set up for all available documents. This has been extended to allow the usually empty space above the ISR inpayment slip to be used as a returns form.

With the version 1.4.3 extensions in the functionality were added

– Extension of the configuration

– Order status considered for the generation of documents

– The payment status can now be changed automatically after the cron job has been executed

– Compatibility up to Shopware 5.4.6

– Extension Configuration and Cronjob

– Extension of the filter options for the cronjob.

– Performance Optimization

– Optimization Display

With version 1.4.1, functionalities in the administration mask of the ESR Plugin are extended. Among other things there are new Excel export functions for bookings, imported files and a new mask for imports.

– Integration Excel export functionality – 4 export functions

– Remedy Display error Dropdowns

– Creation of new mask imports

– Integration Import details per import

– Extension Configuration

– Performance optimisation

– Extension and optimization of the booking mask

– Enhancement of fields postings and payment status

– Integration of new functionalities for the generation of the reference number

– Extension of payment allocation – 96 payment methods according to ISO20022

– and much more besides

Version 1.4.0 enables fully automatic dunning with payment slips with reference numbers. Depending on the payment status, documents that are to be generated can be selected in the settings. This happens time-controlled after the defined period has expired. If an order has been on this payment status for X days / hours, the ISR plugin generates the desired document.

– Automatic generation of all documents that are available in the shopware

– Generation of documents after a certain time and payment status

– Possibility to change the status automatically after automatic generation of documents

– Correction Historization Shopware + ESR Plugin

– Performance optimization on ESR Plugin administration mask

– Extension Configuration

– Extension automatic licensing check

– Extended Cronjob Message

– Intercepting configuration errors

– and much more besides

– Attach a payment slip to desired documents such as an invoice etc.
– Correct history entry for first entry.

– Automatic generation of all documents that are available in the shopware
– Extension Configuration

– Extension Licensing check
– Correction of display error Logo

– Extension compatibility for Shopware 5.3.x

– Extension of BESR customer display – Adjustable printout for bank payment slips – Option for pre-printed payment slips

– Enhancement Import Payments with Dunning Fee

– Extension Automatic generation of inpayment slips without ES background

– Enhancement dunning fee – possibility to create inpayment slips with reference number with dunning fee

– Extension of templates for dunning charges

– Extension Configuration – Setting for HTTP / HTTPS calls.

– New automatically generated template ISR Dunning 2

– New automatically generated template ISR reminder 3

– New automatically generated template ESR Reminder 2 EZS

– New automatically generated template ESR Reminder 3 EZS

– Shopware 5 compatibility

Version 1.3.0 brings compatibility with the newly introduced ISO20022 standard. The previously generated v11 files can still be imported. The ESR Plugin for Shopware can now also processamt.054 files or XML files according to ISO 20022.

– Extension ISO20022 – possibility to import XML files according to the new ISO20022 standard

– Display correction

– Change upload folder

– Correction Importer

– performance optimisation

– Correction Shopware History entry

– Extension ESR Plugin History

– Processing of several payments on one reference number in one ESR file are merged

– Installation and configuration correction

– Rounding differences for incoming payments are now ignored

– Fix Browser Incompatibility

– Fixed error with negative postings

– error in accounting error

– Error rebooking – correction of entries in the shopware history

– Various minor corrections

– Removal Mail Functionality

Extension of the generation of payment slips for partial payments, extension of backend masks and extension of the ISR plug-in history

– New document template ISR payment slip with ES

– New document template ISR payment form with ES – partial payment

– New document template ISR payment slip without ES – partial payment

– Enhancement Filter in the search

– Extension rebooking Search by reference number or order number

– Enhancement reposting

– Enhancement of posting error input fields

– Enhancement of display of posting errors

Enhancements in the import mask, display and operation. Optimization of the queries.

The first version of the ESR plugin is released and runs from Shopware 4.3 onwards.

– Creation of a BETA version. Extensive tests, verification of inpayment slips by PostFinance. First productive tests with real data.

Current version

Current version:  2.0.0

Published on: 28. September 2020

Available for Shopware version 5.2 – 5.6.8

With version 2.0.0 we introduce the new Swiss standard for shopware, the QR invoice. All previous functions such as batch processing, payment reconciliation, dunning management etc. remain the same. Parallel operation with ESR and QR is also possible, since the same reference number is used.


Administrative / Account
In order to use the ESR plugin for shopware, an ESR / BESR account at the Postfinance or bank of your choice is required. After opening the account you will receive the data that is entered in the plugin configuration. Your financial institution requires a few printouts for checking purposes. With a few clicks the calibration is done and you can print and send the documents.

System requirements
Information about the supported Shopware version can be found in the upper box “Current Version”.

Recommended system requirements:

  • PHP 7.2 or newer
  • MySQL 5.6 or newer
  • IonCube Loader v8.0 or newer

Minimale Systemanforderungen:

  • PHP 5.6.4 or newer
  • MySQL 5.5 or newer
  • IonCube Loader v5.0 or newer