R-Cash Register

The cash register solution for Clubs and Bars

scalable | customizable | cost-effective | device-independent

Satisfaction in the first place

Together with the customer, an analysis of the operation is made and customer requirements are highly prioritized.

Operation, like using a magic wand

An intuitive User Interface (UI) combined with sound User Experience (UX) enables ease of use

Individual Adjustments

High flexibility characterizes us and our products. Only when a product can receive customizations tailored to the customer can it be used optimally.

The R-Cash Register provides you with an overview

powerful yet simple


Whether the end device is an iPad or an Android tablet is irrelevant for R-Cash Register. As a web application, the POS solution can be operated on all common devices with a browser.


Especially in the catering industry, things have to move fast. Our R-Cash Register keeps no one waiting. The graphical user interface is user-friendly and has been technically trimmed for performance.


Security is a top priority for us. Our application meets today's security standards and is protected against attacks.

Flexibly Scalable

Flexibly, the solution can be expanded at any time. Additional terminals, employees or bars can be added with just a few mouse clicks.

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