Advent Calendar

the gateway to sustainable Advent marketing

Give your customers a present

The Advent calendar works like a lottery. Every day a wicket opens with a gift defined by you, which you raffle among the participants.

Visitors of the website play with

Your existing as well as new potential customers can play along on a daily basis, for which the participants deposit their data.

Draw the Winners

In the backend you can draw the winner the following day. You send an automated message to the losers with a consolation prize.

You are the big winner

The number of visitors, awareness, popularity, activity, sales and, ultimately, turnover increases. You collect data and may use it for future marketing purposes.

Kill two Birds with one Stone

Benefit from the collected data and give presents to others during the Advent season

Simple operation

The Advent calendar is intuitive and easy to use for both your visitors and your employees.


Customers love gifts, which makes them more popular. This is also evident after the Advent season.


The Advent calendar is high-performance and quickly ready for use. It is usually integrated by means of an iFrame and is therefore independent of your website.

Powerful administration

The powerful administration allows you to manage the Advent calendar. Functions such as articles, players, winner drawing, e-mail sending, settings and much more can be adjusted independently at any time.

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