HTTP web pages will be marked as unsafe in the future

HTTP web pages will be marked as unsafe in the future

HTTPS is used to establish confidentiality and integrity in the communication between web server and web browser (client) in the WWW. Starting in July, the Chrome browser will clearly mark all unencrypted HTTP web pages as insecure.

Google’s home browser Chrome has been marking HTTPS pages with a green lock and the text “Secure” for a while now. For HTTP connections, so far only a neutral i-symbol appears in the address bar – only a click on it opens a warning: “The connection to this website is not secure”.

From July 2018, this warning will be much more obvious, Google announced in mid-February 2018. Next to the i is then a broad “Not secure”, insecure. With the release of Chrome 68 it should be time. (Source:

Example unsafe page:

If you click on the "i" in the address bar, the following is currently displayed

Example safe side:

For an encrypted web page, the certificate owner appears in the address bar.

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